Tiny Harlow

Llorens - Sillita Azul


Introducing the Llorens Baby Doll Sillita Azul, an embodiment of lifelike charm crafted with meticulous Spanish artistry. Each doll is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring adherence to strict European safety standards for worry-free playtime. Made with premium fabrics and attention to detail, every outfit is a miniature masterpiece. Llorens dolls captivate with their realism and are destined to become cherished companions in your child's imaginative world.

Featuring a soft fabric body and complete with a pacifier, these dolls boast interactive features that elevate playtime to new heights. With a gentle press, they emit realistic cries, but respond with endearing calls for "mummy" and "daddy" when comforted. Recommended for children aged 3 years and above, these dolls come dressed in fine Lana Wool garments, exuding warmth and comfort in every cuddle. Standing at 43 CM tall, they're perfectly sized for cuddles and imaginative adventures alike.

Presented in a beautiful gift box, the Llorens Baby Doll makes for an unforgettable surprise that will delight both children and parents alike.

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