Where is my Order?

All of our Tiny Harlow rattan doll's toys are handmade in Indonesia and therefore take 4 weeks or so to make a container load and then another 2 weeks to ship over to us and another 5 days to clear customs.

As such if your item is a pre-order it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive. At the top of the product listing, there will be a notification stating if your item is a pre-order. Please check this before placing an order. 

Once your order ships?

You will get an email with tracking details once your order ships. Check your spam folder as sometimes they go there. 
Tiny Harlow Product Order Date When will my order arrive?
Miniland doll - Caucasian Boy and Asian girl Ordered from June onwards

Our supplier shipped our order short of these dolls. We are now expecting another shipment approx 28/10 but this is subject to change as we are waiting on a port processing date. We hope to ship early November.

20/10 Update: our Caucasian boys are on our way to us. Our Asian girls are still delayed until late October/early November.

MDV Gigi Prams including Gigi mustard prams ordered up to 26th October Order in EOFY sale onwards to mid-August

Shipping out from Thursday 29th October once the DAFF officer opens the container. These will ship separately from any other items in your order. 


MDV Gigi Prams 

Gigi Pink orders from #7756

Gigi White orders from #8679

Ordered from 20th August onwards  Due to ship mid November 20/10 Update: our container is off Fremantle and we are waiting on a docking date. 
Mini sets Ordered from June to August 16/10 update: some orders will ship from 21st October, the rest will ship late October/early November.
All orders for highchairs, toy trucks, bassinets, change tables  Re-brand sale 29th September Due to ship late October - early November. 
Toy Trolleys, Toy Trucks, Doll Highchairs, Sunrise and Standard Bassinets Ordered from 17th September onwards

Due to ship out from our warehouse the week starting October 19th.

13/10 Update: our container has been delayed by two days and our orders will ship from Wednesday 21st October.

Dolly Moses Baskets Ordered late August Our shipment has been delayed and now has to be air-freighted out of Ghana. Due to arrive mid -November.
Toy trolleys, change tables, highchairs, bassinets, toy wagons, doll wardrobes and trains Ordered from 15th October onwards Will ship late November approx 26th as our container has been delayed. 
MDV Audrey prams Ordered from 19th October onwards Will ship from 29th October