Tiny Harlow

Llorens doll - Mimi


Introducing Mimi , the enchanting Llorens Baby Doll designed to spark imagination and nurture playtime joy. Crafted with Spanish artistry and adherence to European safety standards, Natalie embodies the charm of a real baby in a meticulously crafted form. Muñecas Llorens, committed to both child safety and environmental responsibility, presents Natalie with a fabric body complemented by vinyl limbs, ensuring both durability and lifelike appeal.

Engaging interactive features elevate playtime with Mimi, as her sound mechanism brings her to life with laughter and tears reminiscent of a newborn. Recommended for children aged 3 years and above, Natalie stands at 42 CM tall, the perfect size for cuddles and imaginative adventures. Her clothing, crafted from Lana Wool, exudes warmth and comfort while reflecting Muñecas Llorens' dedication to sustainable materials.

Mimi comes complete with all accessories shown presented in a beautiful gift box that ensures she'll be a cherished favorite in your child's toy collection.

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