Where is my Order?

All of our Tiny Harlow rattan doll's toys are handmade in Indonesia and therefore take 4 weeks or so to make a container load and then another 2 weeks to ship over to us and another 5 days to clear customs.

As such if your item is a pre-order it will take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive. At the top of the product listing, there will be a notification stating if your item is a pre-order. Please check this before placing an order. 

 Doll's Accessories
If you have ordered our newest range of Tiny Harlow doll's accessories. Nappy bags, quilted bedding and folding strollers delivery dates are listed below.

Container delays
Over the last year we have seen unprecedented delays to our deliveries due to maritime industrial strike and port congestion both in Indonesia and Melbourne and then customs and DAFF holds on our containers.

This has caused our containers to be delayed by 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, this issue is out of our control and we do ask for your patience and understanding. This is happening to small and large businesses across Australia. We have all been affected and it will mean your order won't ship out as per previously advised delivery dates.  
Once your order ships?

You will get an email with tracking details once your order ships. Check your spam folder as sometimes they go there. Please check your order upon arrival to ensure there are no mistakes to your order or faults or damage to your items. We have a 30 day return policy. 


Tiny Harlow Product Order Date When will my order arrive?
Car seat Capsules, Feeding Highchairs, Bedding, Baby Carriers and Nappy Bags  From January 2022 onwards

This shipment has been delayed and is due approx. 14th of February into the port.

They should arrive to our warehouse approx Friday 18th with orders shipping from Monday 21st of February. 

Any other items in your order won't ship until this date or unless you have paid the additional shipping fee. 


For Australian orders we ship with Australia Post.


We are recommending all items are lodged by the following dates for delivery within Australia by Christmas*:

  • Parcel Post – 13 December 2021
  • Express Post – 20 December 2021

* Excludes to and from Perth and Darwin.

WA/Perth dates:

  • Parcel Post – 10 December 2021
  • Express Post – 17 December 2021