Khloe loves Tiny Harlow!

Khloe Khardashian shares Australian Handcrafted Rattan Toy company, Tiny Harlow, to her 104 million followers!

Khloe Khardashian loves Tiny Harlow

It has been a big month for Tiny Harlow!!

I am also OVER THE MOON EXCITED as our doll’s highchair was featured on Khloe Khardashian’s Instagram stories earlier this month and after posting the image on our Instagram account, Khloe commented ‘ The cutest stuff! @lorenridinger introduced me to your line and I’m in love! ❤

I was thrilled also to be featured this week on A Current Affair for their segment on ‘How Australians are making money on social media.’


I have to say I am definitely not 'insta-rich' but it was nice to share my journey and how I have grown the business from a few hundred followers in late 2018 to over 23.5k followers this month.

What an incredible month for Tiny Harlow!!

Thanks so much for all your love and support, I couldn't do this journey without my customers and followers. 

Ebony x

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