Paola Reina - Gordis Baby Doll - Albert
Paola Reina - Gordis Baby Doll - Albert

Paola Reina - Gordis Baby Doll - Albert

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Albert is a Paola Reina 34cm vinyl doll. He has blue eyes and a very sweet face. His outfit has a light blue fabric with floral print detail. His cap and socks are also matching.

Each doll comes in a beautifully packaged box.


*fits our 38 cm dolls clothes with a little bit of room in the onesies.

*fits in all our bassinet sizes including our mini-set.

Made in SPAIN.

These dolls are anatomically correct.  

Recommended for 3 years and above age child.

About Paola Reina Dolls

All our dolls, as well as their clothes and accessories, are manufactured 100% in Spain, in our factory of Onil (Alicante), the birthplace town of the dolls and the toys from the decade of 1870s. This certification “Made in 100% in Spain” ensures the Compliance with the strictest controls of European quality regulations of our products.

The material used to make our dolls is soft PVC free of phthalates. We want to make sure your child is safe, that’s why we have eliminated 100% of the chemicals that include phthalates.