Tiny Harlow

Decorative Pom Pom Tassels


Our new handmade Pom Pom Tassels have been designed as an add on feature for your Tiny Harlow rattan and cane doll's toys. Available in two colour combinations, these decorative pieces are sure to brighten up your child's play corner. 

NB:- These are not designed as a toy and should be not be played with by children under 3 years of age. Please always use these pom poms with parental supervision. 

Keeks is our magenta, cream and peach colour combination.

Harlow is our mustard, dusty pink and cream colour combination.

Chuck is our blue, gold and cream colour combination.

Holly is our red, green and white colour combination.

Jolly is our double white and gold combination. 

Handmade in Australia.

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