Tiny Harlow

Tiny Harlow Folding Doll's Stroller Cover with free Stroller Frame - Denim

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Doll's Stroller Covers with free Stroller Frame


Now you can change up your stroller to suit you with our interchangeable designs!

Available in pink gingham, mustard gingham, sherpa and denim, which cover will you choose?

Removable, washable and interchangeable seat insert that fits tight and snug on our classic white aluminium stroller frame.

Our covers also fit the doll strollers available at Kmart and target.

By purchasing this stroller cover you are purchasing it with the knowledge that we will not accept refunds or returns on the free stroller frame.

Please note the product is for play purposes only and will only bare the weight of dolls or soft toys.

Includes a removable, washable and interchangeable seat insert that fits tight and snug on a classic white aluminium stroller frame.


Our Covers fit most traditional dolls stroller frames that can be purchased from Kmart , Big W and Target (Australia). And for a limited time only our covers comes with a free classic white dolls stroller frame. 


  • lightweight
  • foldable
  • washable
  • interchangeable designs
  • supervised play for under 3 years 


We currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK only.

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