Tiny Harlow

Tiny Harlow Doll's Quilted Bedding Set - lilac daisy


Tiny Harlow Doll's Quilted Bedding Set

Lilac daisy 

preorder arriving approx. Mid-Late April

Our Gorgeous Tiny Harlow Dolls bedding set comes with a quilt that can be used as a playmat for tummy time or a blanket for bed and Pillow for dolly to rest her head.


These bedding sets are perfect for all dolls and Tiny Harlow rattan toys.

Each set features a quilt and pillow. 


Quilt 38 cm x 35 cm
Pillow 22 cm x 13.5 cm


Please note: All pre-orders are final and non-refundable if you change of mind. 

All items ordered with a pre-order item will be delivered at the time of the preorder dispatch. 

If you would like the in-stock item shipped earlier, please email us and we can invoice you as there is a separate shipping charge.

Please note that delivery dates are an estimate and this date may change subject to shipping and other factors. 

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